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January 2021: What if...

"What if" is one of those questions that I both love and dislike simultaneously. This question, or statement, can lend itself to give me a new thought pattern; however, the contradiction of emotion in this question gives me both hope and frustration, possibilities and pain, excitement and trepidation.

"What if" is often asked when new things could happen; new job, a new hobby, new tech gadget, etc. It is a question I ask with each new year. As a person, a husband, and a father, I ask this question of "What if," and then I pause to listen. I listen to my own heart and soul of what changes or adaptations I need to make to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy. This often means I have to stop living in a pattern that is unhealthy.

As a husband, I ask my wife these questions, “What if we…..” and we collectively talk about how we want to embrace and enjoy this next year together. We dream we cry, and we set in writing reminders to ourselves of what we want to see happen in the next 12 months of life.

As a father, I ask what if my sons were to learn or experience or be reminded of various aspects of life and how they encourage them or teach them those aspects. As they are both 18 & 16 now, I also invite them into the conversation, asking them what if questions so I can continue to learn how they are thinking and desiring to live so I know where I can support them and where I need to let go.

"What if" is my starter question to a new year when considering hopes to avoid frustrations, possibilities to move away from pain and excitement that can overpower trepidation.

I pray the risk of WHAT IF in 2021 is a place for yourself and your family to enjoy life to the fullest.

Danny Bowers

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