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Hiring Process: Update 1


We wanted to let you know how the transition in Student Ministry is going and how you can partner with us as we seek the next student pastor/director to join PCC and disciple teens for Jesus in the Bay Area.

We’ve had 9 submission of request for the role and Jonny and Danny have done preliminary interviews with 4 of those 9 applicants based on possible best fit.

When a time comes for a possible candidate to visit PCC and see the ministry first hand we’ll be communicating that to our families for a chance to meet them.

Way that we’d love for you to partner with us are;

  • Pray for a healthy leader who will be a great addition to the PCC community 

  • Encourage your teenagers during this time that the desire is to find someone who will be a pastoral voice and a leader developer 

  • Pray about serving with us. A big dynamic of student ministry is having healthy adult leaders who can help teens grow in community and their relationship with Jesus

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